Tilapia Farm and VHO Internship

Monday, June 5, 2017Sunday, July 30, 2017
Okurase, Ghana
Tilapia Farm and VHO Internship

Project OKURASE extends our warmest invitation to you to come to the village of Okurase to interact with our NGO. You will be completing an Internship to “Research and Create an Implementation Plan for the Development of a Tilapia Farm at the Nkabom Centre to Address Children’s Nutrition” in Okurase, Ghana as part of the Project OKURASE Nkabom Organic Garden program under our Health and Nutrition objective. During your time in Okurase, you will also participate in our annual Village Health Outreach which is also part of our Health and Nutrition objective. The Outreach is a 5-day free medical clinic which takes place July 10-14 this year. In addition, you will complete interviews with local female entrepreneurs as part of a research program being conducted at the College of Charleston under the director of Dr. Rene Mueller.

We will plan for you to arrive on June 5, 2017 and stay through July 30, 2017. Therefore, you will be in Okurase for 55 nights and 56 days. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a paid Internship. We also require you to pay your basic expenses. However, we do our best to keep the expenses at a minimum and just cover our costs. During your time in Okurase with Project OKURASE, we offer the following:
1. Accommodations in the Nkabom House in Okurase at a charge of $7 a night for 55 nights for a total of $385.
2. Three meals a day and safe water for $10 a day for 56 days for a total of $560.
3. Emergency Medical Insurance during your stay at $120 through iNext.
4. Transportation to and from the Accra airport on your arrival and departure days at no charge.

Other expenses you will need to pay include:
1. Airfare which is generally around $1600-$1800. Project OKURASE does not handle your airfare. You will need to book this directly with the airline. To ensure your safety and on-time arrival into Accra, we recommend that you use only the most reputable airlines with stops as necessary in countries that are considered safe for foreign travelers by the US State Department. Currently, there is a British Airways flight from Charlotte, NC via London, England to Accra, Ghana plus return for $1528 which is very reasonable in our experience. We recommend you take this flight.
2. Any immunizations you may need. You should check with the Center for Disease Control website for details. (Yellow Fever is required to enter Ghana).
3. Antimalarial medication which we require you to take because of the prevalence of malaria in Ghana.
4. A VISA to get into Ghana.
5. Any personal item expenses.
6. Additional funds for travel if you want to travel outside of Okurase while you are in Ghana. If you do take a trip on a weekend, we require you to take one of our guides with you for safety. For example, a trip to Accra for the day would be about $60 for a car/driver ($10 by TroTro/local public transportation) and then $25 a day for a guide (plus $10 for the guide’s TroTro fee).